Made in England

MADE IN ENGLAND We are proud to be a British company, using traditional British craftsmen, businesses and materials, our ethos being to aim wherever possible to get our products made here in the UK. This can be tricky in today’s global climate and not always possible, but to date we have succeeded and will continue to strive to keep this up.

Each and every product is made here in the UK by traditional British Craftsmen who all produce to an exceptionally high standard. They have taken as much time and care over our products as we have, painstakingly but lovingly turning our designs and ideas into the perfect end result. Good design is the starting point for every one of our products and although we have designed everything ourselves, we are truly grateful for the expertise, knowledge and advice that has been given to us to create the highest quality products that hopefully our customers will love and be able to enjoy for a long time.

We invite you to join us in a whistle-stop tour of the British Isles, showing you the origins of our products!

We will begin our journey in Cardiff, where we found multi-talented artist and textile designer, Jenny Lee-Katz, who created our fabric designs and patiently bore with our endless decision-making until our lovely fabrics were born!

From here we travel north to the small village of Broadbottom in Cheshire, to one of the few textile printers left in the UK, who operate from a Victorian Mill. Visiting the mill and seeing our fabrics being screen-printed with vast, traditional screens was a major highlight in the beginnings of Poppy & Rufus!

Only a few miles away from here, some of our fabric is coated to become the beautiful oilcloth used in many of our designs.

From Lancashire to North Yorkshire, to a traditional stone mill, where a family run business dating back 200 years weave our Irish linen yarn into the exquisite webbing for our bag handles and straps.

On to Staffordshire and Stoke-on Trent, home to Hartley Green Leeds Pottery, in the heart of the potteries, who make our dog bowls and treat jars.

We then travel south again, to the Home County of Buckinghamshire, where our oilcloth is transformed by skilled seamstresses and hand-crafted into wonderful things!

Further down south, the rest of our fabric is used to create our luxurious dog beds, by a manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience in producing exceptionally well-made beds.

Along the coast in a westerly direction, almost in a full circle back towards Wales, we come to Somerset where Owen Barry, another family-owned business spanning 5 generations, have been producing sheepskin and leather products since 1948, working from traditional workshops and using highly skilled craftsmen. They have taken the time to help produce our dog-walking bags, Coco and Lily, and we are also proud to feature our products in their beautiful shop in The Tannery, Street, Somerset.

As well as using British printers for woven and paper labels, we found the help of many skilled professionals too. Lindsey Brook, of Lindsey Brook Photography, took the gorgeous Lifestyle shots back in the summer, on the one day it rained cats and dogs from dawn til dusk, yet managed to work tirelessly for 16 hours with a constant smile! Likewise, Gill Mullarkey, our lovely Graphic Designer who went above and beyond normal working hours to meet last minute deadlines.

There are many others too but this could end up like an Oscar Winners speech, so we won’t go on. However, how could we not mention Poppy, from Cheadle in Cheshire and Rufus, from Harpenden in Hertfordshire, who really have made their mark on the map for us!