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Out & About: The Best Things in Life are Free!

poppy on walkQuite true, unless they’re inside my Beano, in which case they are usually tasty, squeaky or round, and cost money! Here I am after a lovely walk round the block today which cheered us up no end (not that I generally need an excuse to be cheerful!)

It’s not all about the exercise you know; us dogs can see the warm, fuzzy, smiley look on your face when we take you out for a walk. Today we met Ringo, out with his lovely elderly gentleman walker, who, in the short space of a few minutes, filled us in on how he’d found Ringo, what a great difference to his life Ringo had made since losing his late wife, Ringo’s daily routine….and all with a smile on his faceRufus on walk whilst bursting with pride. Plus, it was his second walk this morning! How’s that for happiness money can’t buy? (Although, I did notice that roast chicken in the fridge……)

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