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News & Events: Weston Park Horse Trials

Rufus and I stayed home for this trip away, where our owners Sue and Louise took along some of our products when they were first made. They sSue at tentoon became known as ‘the Ladies with the lovely welly bags who’s bread got eaten by the loose Labrador’

The speed with which this dog burst through the sides of the tent, causing it to rip open, gobble down an entire sliced and polythene wrapped loaf, then run off, beggars belief! And skilfully, it managed to leave the wrapper behind, litter lout!

According to www.petforums.co.uk, there are plenty of other Labrador retrievers out there who appear to have the capacity never to choke, eat without chewing and swallow an entire dinner in under 4 seconds flat!

On the other hand, Scrabbles, pictured here, had manners fit scrabbles at weston parkfor a queen! A constant companion in our stand, she sat patiently by our venison treats and tin of chocolates without once being a nuisance. In fact, she was more interested in climbing into the cosy, comfy Hector Dog Bed on our bottom shelf, sensibly getting out of the appalling cold and rain!

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