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Introducing the Belle & Beau Dog Walking Bags

poppy and rufus with ags

Get acquainted with Belle and Beau, the beautiful and significant other in our dog walking bag collection.

Made from our bespoke oilcloth fabric, the new Belle and Beau come in a choice of our three exclusive prints – Poppy, Little Rufus and Leaf. Just like the chic designs of the Lulu and Coco, our latest additions will ensure you are stepping out for dog walks prepared and in style.

Belle leaf front narrow Belle LR front narrow Belle Poppy front - narrow

Considered in their design, all our dog walking bags make walks an effortless, hands-free experience. Each pocket and flap is purpose-built for all those essential items – poop bags, training treats, ball, mobile, keys, water and wipes. For long walks that require sustenance, maybe also a quick and easy snack such as Lily’s Kitchen Snack Bar for Dogs (they’re new check them out). The stylish black leather strap even turns into a spare lead in case you need it.

For heavy duty hounds, who like to have a lot of stuff on their doggy walks, opt for the Beau. If your dog has less demanding walking needs try our more compact Belle, designed slightly smaller but still packing a puppy punch when it comes to storing all the necessaries.

Made exclusively for Poppy & Rufus in Somerset by the finest British craftsmanship. Priced at £65 and £55 respectively, discover the Beau and Belle in our dog walking bag shop now.

poppy with beau leaf

We’re also delighted to announce that our new Bobby dog collar and Barclay bright night bandana are now available to buy online. Find out about this clever little dog bandana that is designed to not only look beautiful on your dog but to keep him safe on dark nights.

Poppy & Rufus bright night bandanas


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