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Sunday, 31 August

Pupaid 2014 – join in on 6th September

One week to go before Poppy and Rufus set up our stand and appear at PupAid on Saturday September 6th in London’s Primrose Hill Park. As well as being a really fun Dog Show, with some hilarious categories to enter your potential star dogs into, celebrities attending and ……..

Sunday, 20 July

Out & About: Our round up of the best dog walking websites around

Ever get just a little bit bored of your usual dog walks or maybe you’ll be somewhere new over the summer? Well here is our roundup of the best dog walking websites around. Take a stroll through the sites to find some wonderful new walks.

Sunday, 13 July

And the winner of Mr Hampstead Pup Idol 2014 is

A well-organised event for dogs and their owners is always fun and the annual Pup Idol contest held by charity ”All Dogs Matter” is definitely not one to miss! Rufus and I rolled up on Saturday at the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead for the 5th consecutive year of Pup Idol, excited and intrigued! We were in for a treat…….

Thursday, 10 July

Out & About: Luggage for dogs

Dog-friendly travel guides, pet concierge services and five-star doggy hotels; yet ask any dog owner what they use to transport the vast array of essentials required by their four-legged friends for even one overnight stay and it will be an embarrassment of bulging ‘bags-for-life’ that leave you red-faced in reception and the contents swirling around in chaos. Plus there’s always something you have forgotten to pack.

Well it was only a matter of time …..

Tuesday, 8 July

Events: No Polo for Poppy!

A perfect day for Polo on Sunday where we shared our lovely stuff with the lovely people at Cheshire Polo Club.

My very first contact with the game of polo apart from Jilly Cooper and Pretty Woman and I have to say they weren’t far from the real thing. Even down to the ‘stomping the divots’ at half time! Just wish I had taken Poppy along too.

Thursday, 26 June

News: Poppy & Rufus on tour & in the news!

So exciting to spot a feature on the Poppy & Rufus ‘Out & About’ collection in ‘Town & Country‘ magazine. Take a look at their ……….

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