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At Home: Buster the Welly Bag

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but your dog’s stopped snoring…..and really wants a walk! There’s no such thingBuster the Welly Bag as bad weather if you’ve got the right clothes and with all the recent rain, every dog owner must have a pair of wellies.

But what to do with all those dripping, muddy boots?

We have the perfect solution! Buster the Welly Bag is big, strong and very stylish. Designed to hold 4 pairs of boots, Buster has a tough, waterproof lining and a waterproof drawstring lid to keep everything inside and out of sight.

IMG 9927-3Designed to stand in a hallway, by the back door or in the car boot, the beautiful, oilcloth fabric and Irish Linen webbing handles make this a far cry from any other welly bag or shoe storage as you will be only too proud to have him on display. A deep side pocket holds towels, leads or wipes, efficiently storing all you need to keep homes and cars clean and tidy after a muddy walk.

Maisie our Toy Storage oilcloth basket will also hold a pair of wellies when you just want to take the one pair with you in the footwell of your car, for a quick change when you drive to the park. It’s not very nice when you have to pop to the bank/supermarket in mud-clogged wellies the size of NASA space boots just because you don’t have shoes to change back into either!

So equip your home for all weathers and enjoy those walkies without worrying about the clearing up!

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