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7 Reasons Why Poppy & Rufus Are The Pawfect Travel Companions

Whether it’s a day of doggie paddling at the beach, a picnic in the park or a mini break at your fave dog-friendly bolthole, summer is prime time pooch fun! In our latest blog post, our company hounds Poppy & Rufus have taken over to share seven reasons why they are the pawfect travel companions.

1. WE PROVIDE HOME COMFORTS ON THE GO. Poppy says: “For days out or trips away, pile your dog-ssentials and home comforts into our Maxi Bag. With a big central compartment (which Rufus likes to climb inside when he’s tired so he be carried) and loads of pockets, it’s an overnight bag just for us doggies. ‘Cause let’s be honest who wants to sleep without their fave snuggly toy?

Maxi at front door

2. NO MORE MESS! Our humans seem quite pre-occupied with things being tidy, clean and organised so when we’ve been chasing tennis balls into the water and they’re soggy, they go into our Beano Ball & Treat Bag. Before we get back into the car or go indoors, we’re also given a once over with our Sox Travel Towel, and if we’ve been for a muddy walk, the humans place their messy paws into our Buster Welly Bag.


3. WE’RE GREAT IN AN EMERGENCY. Rufus says: “One time dog mum broke down on the motorway. It was a hot day and I was thirsty, so with no alternative she had to put water into the hollow bit of the gear stick. Ever since we’ve also had a Dixie Water Bowl handy so there’s never any worry where my next slurp of H2O will come from.

Dixie with Rufus on bench

4. OUR WOOF WARES ARE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. Our humans are always trying to pinch our stuff to carry and store their things but we tell them ‘paws off’. However, on occasion (when they are being forgetful) they return the favour, letting us use the strap from their gorgeous dog walking bags – Lulu, Coco, Belle and Beau – as a lead.

Beau leaf with Poppy on log

5. WE KEEP YOU WARM AND COSY. A must-have for your doggy stash is the Muffet Travel Blanket. Untie its carry bag, fold out the soft grey fleece blanket and lay out on the nearest sofa or car seat for snoozing on the go. The Muffet also makes a great doggy wrap when the sun goes down and you’re still enjoying the outdoors with your human.


6. WE MAKE THINGS BEAUTIFUL. Doggy business comes good with our Lola Poop Bag Holder, which is super cute and very un-poop like. Rufus says: “My human is known as the ‘stylish poop bag lady’ by her fellow dog walkers.” In fact, all of our range – both travel and at home – is designed to look beautiful, putting an end to clashing colours and random doggy stuff lying around.


7. WE COME EQUIPPED. Keep everything stored in your Maxi and you’ll always be good to go but when it comes to filling our bellies when we’re away from home, the humans prepare our food in the Scout Travel Food Bowl. Poppy says: “If there’s a chance of an afternoon walk turning into a few drinks in the pub, the human will fill my Scout with kibble. The other dogs and owners look on enviously as she opens it up and places my full bowl down in the floor!”


We love barking about our travel collection so much that we’ve made a song about it. Take a look…

No matter what type of canine adventures you have planned this summer, be sure to take us along for the ride. Discover more in our dog travel collection shop.

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